DIY 35L-55L Demijohn Terrarium Starter Kit


Have a large 35L demijohn you’d like to plant up? Included in this listing is the exact substrate needed to plant up a thriving closed terrarium. Here’s whats included in each variation:

Kit Only:
• 3 large bags of stones (white/natural)
• 5 large bags of well draining soil
• 1 large bag of activated charcoal
• 1 large bag of sphagnum moss
• 1 large bag of orchid bark
• 1 large bamboo stick to help with planting
• 2 cardboard funnels (can be cut to size)

Kit & Plants:
• Same as above
• 3 x taller plants (usually asparagus fern, peace lily, or parlour palm)
• 6 x shorter plants (choose between polka dot plant, fittonia or ivy)
• (Optional) Large bag of living moss (bun or sheet, may vary depending on availability)


Kit Only, Kit & Plants, Kit, Plants & Moss

Pebble Colour

White, Natural

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