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With any of our kits

Looking for the perfect, beginner friendly gift?

We offer a range of terrariums that are perfect for beginners, and all of our terrariums come with step by step instructions for creation and care.

Have a glass at home?

If you have a glass at home you'd like to use, we sell kits to fill them! Choose from open, or closed kits. With plants included, or not.

Need some plants to fill your terrarium?

From ferns, to cactus and everything in between! Find your perfect baby terrarium plants with us. We're experts in wrapping your plants so they always arrive safe and sound.

Looking for just the glass?

We sell a few of our terrariums with just the glass only! Or, if you wanted to add your own plants, you can purchase just the glass with the relevant kit.

Already have a terrarium and need some tools?

We offer the individual tools, and tool kits as well, which make great gifts for your terrarium addicted friend! All tried and tested by myself.

Need a top of of a certain ingredient?

We sell everything separately as well, so if you just need some soil, or some more charcoal - we've got you!

Need help choosing the right kit for you?

It can be difficult sometimes to judge what sized kit you may need for your specific jar. If you are unsure, don’t hesitate to contact us and we can do our best to advise you on the size of kit you need. If you have any particularly odd shaped jars, and you’re not sure how to plant them, feel free to contact us as well. We’re happy to provide plants suited to your particular needs. 

Have something specific in mind?

If you're local to the Selby area, we can offer a terrarium creation service. Whether it's your own jar, or one of ours, just get in touch!

Want to check out somewhere more familiar? We totally understand! Follow the link to our Etsy Shop.

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