DIY Conical Terrarium Kit – Fern


This terrarium houses a small bonsai, bun moss and a lower growing plant in a closed terrarium environment. It’s unique shape makes it a great gift for that plant lover that has everything.

All hand picked and packed by myself – here’s what’s included:

• 1 x Cork Topped Conical Flask (22.5×26.5cm)
• Bag of pebbles (white/natural)
• Bag of well draining specialist soil
• Bag of activated charcoal
• Bag of sphagnum moss
• Bag of orchid bark
• Large clumps of Bun Moss
• 3 river rocks
• 1 x sasparagus fern
• Selection of lower growing plants (usually fittonia)
• Tools to help with planting
• PDF instructions for planting and caring for this terrarium


Pebble Colour

White, Natural

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