About Us

A passion project that became a lifestyle

DIY Terrariums is a young business , founded by myself (Poppy) founded in 2020. Currently, my partner and I work within the business (you may have seen us at various shows if you’re from Yorkshire!). Terrarium building and houseplant keeping started off as a hobby, but now it’s become my life, business and full time job!

DIY Terrariums is online only at the moment, however if you are local to the Yorkshire area we also do local commissions and local delivery. We are also at various shows, events, and local shops which you can read about below.

We have a new unit, designed for packaging your orders and keeping all the lovely plants healthy! We’re based at Brackenholme Business Park, near Selby and are open to collection and viewings by appointments only. Please contact us if you would like to visit.

Where are we?

Retail shops

Currently we are stocked with pre-made terrariums at the following retail shops:

Art & Soul – Beverley

Art & Soul – Hull

Events and Markets 2024

11th February – Valentines Pollen Market at Peddler Market Sheffield

9th March – Artmsix Leeds (Albion Place) (Day before Mothers Day!)

17th March – Pollen Market Sheffield (Grey to Green)

6th April – Artmsix Leeds (Albion Place)

21st April – Pollen Market Sheffield (Grey to Green)

4th May – Artmsix Leeds (Albion Place)

19th May – Pollen Market Sheffield (Grey to Green)

1st June – Artsmix Leeds (Albion Place)

16th June – Pollen Market Sheffield (Grey to Green) (Fathers Day!)

21st July – Pollen Market Sheffield (Grey to Green)

27th July – Artsmix Leeds (Albion Place)

10th August – Artmsix Leeds (Albion Place)

18th August – Pollen Market Sheffield (Grey to Green)

2nd September – Artmsix Leeds (Albion Place)

15th September – Pollen Market Sheffield (Grey to Green)

5th October – Artmsix Leeds (Albion Place)

20th October – Pollen Market Sheffield (Grey to Green)

2nd November – Artmsix Leeds (Albion Place)

7th December – Artmsix Leeds (Albion Place)

21st December – Artmsix Leeds (Albion Place)

Our regular Stall at Artsmix, Leeds.
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