DIY Xtra Large Terrarium Starter Kit


Have an empty jar or bottle that you’d like to make into a terrarium? This is a kit for an extra large terrarium (or a couple of large terrariums), and contains all the substrate you will need to create a thriving open or closed terrarium. Open terrariums are suitable for succulent like plants, whereas closed terrariums are suitable for moisture loving plants such as ferns.

• Natural/White coloured pebbles

• Specialised soil mixed with perlite

• Activated charcoal

• Sphagnum moss

• Files for creating and caring for open / closed terrariums

• (optional) Orchid bark

• (optional) Live Moss

The orchid bark / live moss would be best for people looking to keep a closed terrarium, as it helps contain the moisture.

Pebble Colour

White, Natural


Basic Kit, Basic Kit & Bark, Basic Kit & Moss, Kit, Bark & Moss

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