DIY Terrarium Bauble Kit


Want a little DIY Christmas project, that is fun for the whole family? Maybe you have a growing houseplant collection, and want to make your own ‘living’ Christmas tree this year! This is a kit for a small, 10cm, living Terrarium Bauble kit.

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Here’s what’s included:

• 1 x 10cm Plastic Fillable Bauble
• Bag of pebbles (white/red/pink)
• Bag of well draining specialist soil
• Bag of activated charcoal
• Bag of sphagnum moss
• Bag of sheet moss
• 1 x small fittonia plant (white/red/pink)
• Tools to help with planting (including small paper funnel)
• Leaflet AND video instructions for planting and caring for this terrarium (video will be sent to you after purchasing)


White, Pink, Red

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