DIY Teapot Terrarium


Want to create your own fairy garden with a mystical feel to it? This glass teapot is the perfect little house for moisture loving plants, creating a little fairytale forest! The perfect gift for the whimsical friend.

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Here’s whats included:

• 1 Glass Teapot

• Bag of Pebbles (white/natural)

• Bag of Well Draining Soil

• Bag of Activated Charcoal

• Bag of Sphagnum Moss

• Clumps of Live Bun Moss

• 2 Clumps of Fittonia (Colour will vary depending on availability)

• A Few Strands of Peperomia Prostrata (String of Turtles)

• Tools for Planting

• Instructions for Creating and Caring for Closed Terrariums

Pebble Colour

White, Natural

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