DIY Light Up Bowl Closed Terrarium


Option “Glass Only”:

• 1 Cork Top Glass with LED Light (Batteries provided) (20cm x 20cm)

Option “Glass and Kit”:

• Bag of Well Draining Soil

• Bag of Sphagnum Moss

• Bag of Activated Charcoal

• Bag of Pebbles (natural)

• Bag of Orchid Bark

• Instructions for creating and caring for closed terrariums

Option “Glass, Kit and Tools”

• As above +

• Tools to help with planting (Spray Bottle, Cork Tamper, Skewer, Pipette) & Instructions

Option “Everything”

• Clumps of Living Bun Moss

• 1 x River Rock

• 1 x Fern (species may vary), 1 x Fittonia (colour may vary)

Want a cute little light up terrarium to keep you company on your office desk, lounge, kitchen or wherever you choose to place it? This medium cork top terrarium kit is easy to set up, but really adds a touch of something special to a room! It even lights up when you press the button on top – powered by batteries.


Glass Only, Glass and Kit, Glass, Kit & Tools, Everything

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