DIY 250ml Demijohn Colourful Terrarium


This is a small build your own mini closed terrarium! Each item is handpicked by myself and packaged with care. Great as a gift, for the office or for the home. The narrow neck requires a bit of patience, but the result is well worth it!

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• One 250ml Cork Topped Glass

• Small bag of specilised soil

• Small bag of Activated Charcoal

• Small bag of Sphagnum Moss

• 1 Small Fittonia Plant (colour will match pebbles chosen – if you choose ‘natural’ )

• Small Bag of Pebbles (pink/white/red/natural)

• Small clump of Living Moss

• Skewer to help with planting

• Cork Tamper to help with planting

• Pipette for precision watering

• Paper Funnel to help with planting

• A PDF How-to Guide for closed terrariums OR a physical leaflet of the same How-to Guide along side your order


Natural, White, Pink, Red

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