How to care for my plants before gifting?

It’s a question we get asked quite a lot – I’m giving this as a gift next week but don’t want to kill the plants in the meantime! The good news is, unless you really mess up, there’s not much you can do to kill the plants within a week or so.

For any closed terrarium, or humidity loving plants, water every 5-6 days. We water before we send them out, so they shouldn’t need watering for 5-6 days. In terms of sunlight, bright but indirect is better. Especially avoid any direct sun in the summer, as it can fry them.

For cactus or succulents, they only need watering every 2-3 months. Give them some bright sunlight and don’t go near them with a watering can!

In the winter months, keep them away from any radiators that are turned on, or any open fires/wood burners.

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