How much water should I give my terrarium?

If you’ve purchased one of our “full kits” with glass included, or a tool kit from us, you will be supplied with a pipette. This is what I use to water all my closed terrariums with (except maybe the large 35L-55L jars…that would take a few hours I think!) But the more “ordinary” sized jars, I use a pipette for precision watering . There’s nothing more satisfying than using the pipette down the side of the glass to clean off any messy, excess soil that’s got itself stuck to the inside of the glass.

Usually by the time I’ve cleaned off the glass of all the excess soil, the terrarium is plenty watered. Once you start to see the soil turn from a light brown, to a dark brown, you’re good. Remember, you can always add more water, but you can’t take it out! When in doubt, underwater.

As for open terrariums containing cactus or succulents, I use the pipette to give each plant water individually. You really don’t want to drown these guys, as they are desert plants and live amongst drought. One pipette per small plant, 2-3 for larger ones will be fine. Again, when in doubt, underwater.

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