Terrarium Kits

Have an empty jar or bottle that you’d like to make into a terrarium? These are kits for various sizes of terrarium, and contain all the substrate you will need to create a thriving open or closed terrarium. Open terrariums are suitable for succulent like plants, whereas closed terrariums are suitable for moisture loving plants such as ferns.

Want the plants included in the kit? How about these?

Small Closed Terrarium Kit – £18

Small Cactus Terrarium Kit – £15

Small Succulent Terrarium Kit – £15

Medium Closed Terrarium Kit – £28

Medium Cactus Terrarium Kit – £23

Medium Succulent Terrarium Kit – £23

Large Closed Terrarium Kit – £36

Large Cactus Terrarium Kit – £30

Large Succulent Terrarium Kit – £30

Have the ingredients to make a terrarium but it needs a little something extra? Have some fun with these terrarium decorative kits!

Closed Terrarium Decorative Kit – £10-£20

Open Terrarium Decorative Kit – £10-£20

Are you really getting into creating terrariums and need some tools to help? This kit is for you!

Terrarium Tool Kit – £20

Mini Terrarium Maintenance Kit – £10

Mini Terrarium Creation Kit – £10

Want something a bit more, but already have the plants? Try our Ultimate Kits!

Ultimate Terrarium Kit

Small – £20

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