DIY Xtra Large Cork Top Closed Terrarium


This is a large build your own closed terrarium kit! Each item is handpicked by myself and packaged with care. Great as a gift, for the office or for the home. This jar is great for beginners as it’s super easy to plant up! Your hands can fit right in the top so minimal tools are required. Everything pictured is included in this kit.


This kit includes:

• One cork topped vessel (18.5cm x 18.5cm x 32.3cm)

• 1.5kg White/natural pebbles

• Large Bag of Specilised well draining soil

• 60g Activated carbon

• 80g Sphagnum moss

• 50g Orchid Bark

• 1 x Fittonia Plant (colour may vary) (it can be split into multiple plants)

• 2 x Taller Terrarium Plants (species may include: asparagus fern, peace lily, calathea, maranta, asplenium fern…)

• 1 x other shorter plant suitable for closed terrariums (eg, tradescantia, pothos, polka dot plant, ivy…)

• A small river stone for decoration

• A couple of small clumps of living moss

• Appropriate tools to help with planting

• A PDF How-to Guide for closed terrariums

• (optional) SmolScale DIY Wooden Windmill/Cabin (or I can build it for you!)

Pebble Colour

White, Natural

Add on?

No, DIY Wooden Cabin, DIY Wooden Windmill, Pre-made Cabin, Pre-made Windmill

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