DIY Demijohn Closed Terrarium Kit


This is a large build your own closed demijohn terrarium kit! Each item is handpicked by myself and packaged with care. Great as a gift, for the office or for the home. This is quite a difficult vessel to be planted – it requires a lot of patience and may not be best suited for a complete beginner!

This kit includes:

• One 5L Demijohn & cork (30x16x16 cm)

• Bag of White/Natural pebbles

• Bag of Specilised well draining soil

• Bag of Activated carbon

• Bag of Sphagnum moss

• Bag of Orchid Bark

• 2 Taller plants (usually maranta, calathea, parlour palm, peace lily, asparagus fern…)

• Some small clumps of living sheet moss

• 1 x Fittonia Plant (colour may vary)

• A cardboard funnel to help with planting

• A pipette for watering

• A small mister bottle to keep the terrarium damp

• A bamboo stick to help with planting

• A PDF How-to Guide for closed terrariums

Pebble Colour

White, Natural

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