DIY Closed Bottle Terrarium


This round bottle shape is a little bit unusual compared to your traditional “bottle terrarium”. The neck of the bottle is quite slim, so use the skewer to help the plants down the spout. A teaspoon may be useful for getting the substrate in there!


Here’s what’s included:

• 1 Round Glass Bottle (21cm x 7cm)

• 1 Small bag of soil

• 1 Small bag of pebbles (white/natural)

• 1 Small bag of activated charcoal

• 1 Small bag of sphagnum moss

• Small clump of living moss

• 1 x Small Peace Lily

• 1 x Small Fittonia (colour may vary)

• 1 x Skewer to help with planting

• 1 x Pipette for watering

• Instructions for creation and care of closed terrariums

Pebble Colour

White, Natural

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