DIY Beginners Terrarium Kit


This terrarium is great for first timers, due to it’s accessible shape, and also great to add something different to your collection. Great for adults, and kids alike! Add something affordable, and whimsical to your collection.

• 1 2L Glass

• Bag of Natural/White Pebbles

• Bag of Well Draining Soil

• Bag of Activated Charcoal

• Bag of Sphagnum Moss

• Bag of Live Sheet Moss

• 2 x Shorter Plant (usually fittonia and another plant)

• 1 x Taller Plant

• Tools for Planting (Skewer, Cork Tamper, Pipette)

• Small rock for decoration

• PDF Instructions for Creating and Caring for Closed Terrariums OR a physical leaflet of the same instructions along side your order

Any questions don’t hesitate to contact me

Pebble Colour

Natural, White

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