DIY 8cm Hanging Globe Terrarium


This is a tiny 8cm hanging DIY terrarium kit! Each item and plant is handpicked by myself and packaged with care. Great as a gift, for the office or for the home.


• 1 Small Glass (8cm) and hanging twine

• Bag of natural/white coloured pebbles

• Bag of soil

• Small bag of Activated charcoal

• Small bag of Sphagnum moss

• Small bag of Bark for topping

• A pipette for watering

• A skewer to help with planting

• A small fittonia plant (colour may vary)

• A PDF File for creating and caring for this terrarium.

Please unpack this on arrival, to give the plant the best chance to survive. I would recommend giving this a pipette of water per day to keep the soil moist.

Pebble Colour

White, Natural

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