What sized kit should I buy?

Here’s a handy little guide! We understand that some jars are differently shaped to others – so if you’re still not sure, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Help! My terrarium is dying!

Sometimes things can go wrong, and that’s OK! Things from, too much water, too little water, too much sunlight, not enough sunlight, too hot or too cold…the list goes on. Smaller plants, especially the tropical kind are very delicate and the slightest change can cause them to suffer. Send a picture to terrariumsdiy@gmail.com and I’ll do my best to point you in the right direction.

My order is lost/has arrived damaged

Please visit our Returns and Defects page for more information. If your item has arrived damaged, please contact us and we will send out a replacement as soon as possible.

I want to send this as a gift – how long can the plants be in the box for once delivered?

We are happy to delay delivery if needed to try and aim for your parcel reaching your gift recipient as near to their birthday / event as possible. However, exact delivery dates are never guaranteed. The plants should be kept in the box no longer than 24 hrs after delivery, they will need light and water to survive and thrive. Unfortunately that may mean sending the parcel a day or two early if the recipients birthday / event is on a Sunday for example, however this is just the nature of live plants.

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